Logicprobe Systems

The Main Rig
Server Gear
General purpose servers,
utility servers
Desktop Gear
Desktops, workstations,
laptops, thin-clients
Infrastructure Equipment
Routers, switches,
console servers,
battery backups

The Tinkerbox
Equipment that once
held a place in the
main rig, and has since
been retired from use
Equipment of all types
that is now kept for
present or future tinkering

Freshman year of college, some of these systems were sitting inside one of the wonderful "converted triple" rooms at RPI. This means it's a two-person room containing three people and all of these computers. Neither of my roommates were "computer people", so I'm glad that they tolerated the "server farm" under my lofted bed. :)

Sophomore year I was in a larger room with far more machines. Thankfully, I also had plenty of space for them.

For the rest of my RPI days, my setup was pretty much just a continual process of refinement. Mostly the same machines, with a few upgrades and changes, all in the same shelving assembly. I was always trying to keep the wire mess neat as well, though that effort only seemed like success for about a month or two after initial setup.

When I moved into an apartment, I finally got a real 19 inch equipment rack for my systems. I'm also moving in a slightly different direction these days, given that I'm no longer tinkering with as much random stuff as I could get my hands on (though some might disagree).

More recently I've been gradually moving from the "Legacy Rack" (mostly equipment I brought down from RPI) towards the "Objective Rack" (fancier stuff, more proper "enterprise-grade" rackmount equipment, etc.)

I've also upgraded my residence from an apartment to a house, so I now have a whole network infrastructure to go along with this stuff. :-)

I should also note that the descriptions on this page are current as of when I originally got (or massively upgraded) the machine in question. Most of them are obviously quite out-of-date in terms of context. However, I do try to keep the system specifications as up-to-date as possible.