Infrastructure Equipment

The Router

Cisco 4500M+ Router
100MHz IDT Orion (MIPS R4600) CPU
32MB main memory
16MB shared memory
16MB flash
4MB boot flash
NP-2E dual ethernet interface
NP-1F-D-MM FDDI interface
OS: Cisco IOS 12.2
After spending countless hours in computer networking class learning about and playing with Cisco routers, and after getting involved in some of my own networking projects, I decided it was time I owned some real networking hardware. With this device, I'm going to be gradually migrating some of Brick's routing functions. I really look forward to playing with this new toy! :)


Intel NetStructure 470F 8-port 1000Base-SX Ethernet Switch

This is my core switch, whose goal is to unify my network on a common gigabit back-end. Before this, my servers had a back-to-back gigabit link for NFS, and my switches had a back-to-back 802.1Q VLAN trunk. Now my network has been brought together, and I can add new gigabit equipment as I see fit.

switch-mr, switch-wc

BayStack 450-24T 24-port 10/100 Ethernet Switch

This is the box that all my Ethernet links pass through.
It is a managed device, so I can get to it from the console
server or with telnet depending on how I configure it.
Unlike my last managed switch, this one supports all
the bells and whistles, from 802.1Q VLANs to IGMP snooping

I now have two of these switches, with one in my rack and the
other in my wiring closet. They are linked by GigE over Fiber.

Lightwave ConsoleServer 800

This box has replaced Medusa as my serial
console server. It is totally embedded, and thus simpler.
It also also uses very little power. While potentially not as
featureful, it is a much more elegant (and rack-friendly)