Server Gear


Sun Blade 1000
2 x 900MHz UltraSparc-III (8MB cache) processors
2048MB RAM
2 x 36GB 10,000rpm FC hard drives
SunPCi II (Intel Pentium III 743MHz /w 384MB RAM)
(Note: Technically the card has a P3 1GHz, but it is limited to 743MHz because the card can only support a 100MHz FSB and the P3 is multiplier-locked)
PCI Gigabit Ethernet (fiber) NIC (ce)
OS: Solaris 10
  Sun Ray, Remote access, Web, E-Mail (SMTP, IMAP)
  Secondary internal DNS (bind)
This is my latest and greatest real UNIX workstation, now turned into a server. I had a nicely loaded Ultra 60 for a while, but was itching for an upgrade. After much procrastination, I finally decided to forge ahead and get one. However, Sun is once more proving to me that they are incapable of producing a decent graphics card (especially when usable 2D performance comes into play). Thank goodness they got some good engineers to implement the graphics hardware on their Sun Ray thin clients, which is exactly what I'm now running off this machine.


Tyan Thunder 2500 motherboard
Emacs 460W N+1 redundant power supply
2 x Intel Pentium III 600EB
2 x Quantum 18.2GB 10krpm SCSI drives (RAID-1)
4 x Seagate 200GB SATA drives (RAID-5)
20X SCSI CD-ROM drive
Quantum DLT IIIxt 15/30GB SCSI tape drive
Netgear GA620 1000baseSX Gigabit Ethernet NIC
AMI MegaRAID Elite 1500 (64MB cache)
3Ware 9500S-4LP (128MB cache) /w BBU
4U rackmount server case
OS: FreeBSD 6.0
  File server (NFS/Samba)
  Remote access
This machine was my primary server for quite a while. It used to house my older SCSI RAID-5 array, which was a big project of mine for a while. It also made the transition from a normal big case to a proper rackmount case. For a while, I was migrating everything over to a Sun E4000 beast. However, due to practicality and electricity costs, I bit the bullet and built an SATA-based RAID-5 array. Thus it has re-entered active service as a file server.


Sun Fire V210
2 x 1GHz UltraSparc-IIIi (1MB cache) processors
4096MB RAM
2 x 146GB 10,000rpm SCSI hard drives
DVD-ROM drive
4 x On-board Gigabit Ethernet
Advanced Lights-Out Management
OS: Solaris 10
This machine is my co-lo server. It used to be a machine built from a mix of things laying around and things I got on the cheap. However, when that machine eventually started to fail, I decided to spend some real money on replacing it. As such, this is a good real-server, and hopefully should last quite a while.


IBM Netfinity 4000R
650MHz Pentium III processor
2 x 9GB SCSI drive
2 x 10/100 on-board NIC
Netgear GA620 1000baseSX Gigabit Ethernet NIC
AMI MegaRAID 466 (Dell PERC 2/SC)
OS: FreeBSD 6.2
  Firewall (pf), Routing (Quagga), Tunnels (OpenVPN)
  External DNS (Bind), IDS (Snort/ACID)
  SNMP statistics monitoring (Cacti)
This is my new firewall machine, replacing Neutronium. The reason for the replacement was so I'd be able to take advantage of fancier firewall and traffic shaping software than was available under Solaris. It also has the added bonus of giving me a faster general-purpose CPU which helps with some of the monitoring applications I run on it.


Sun Netra t1 105
360MHz UltraSparc-IIi processor
2 x 9GB SCA SCSI drives
2 x 10/100 on-board NIC
OS: Solaris 10
  Internal DNS (bind), NTP
  LDAP (Sun JSDS), Kerberos (KDC)
  Samba (PDC), RADIUS
This machine had served as my firewall until I replaced it with Tritanium. It is now my internal server for authentication and other internal utility services that I want to decouple from my main servers.